Pilot Gig Odessa’s Maiden Voyage

Portishead Gig Odessa Arrives at Her New Home

After many months of waiting and planning and several false starts due to bad weather, we finally managed to launch our Cornish pilot gig Odessa into the safe waters of Portishead

Quays Marina  and out through the giant lock gates into the Bristol Channel.  Odessa made her first journey out of the marina expertly guided by club founders, along with a little help from their friends from Clevedon Pilot Gig Club.

It was great to experience the locking out process through the giant metal lock gates which provide a barrier between the town of Portishead and  the large tidal range of the Bristol Channel. The crew had a great time out in the chop, trying a few racing starts and chasing down some big waves in the channel, crew members  were enthusing for the rest of the day with the buzz  that gig rowing brings to each individual. Smiling faces all round and we can’t wait to get back out there!

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